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released April 6, 2015
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Vocals: Ariel Pedatzur
Drums and Vocals: Dor Harari
Guitar and Vocals: Eden Atad
Guitar: Yaniv Bin
Bass: Yoni Deutsch

All Music and Lyrics Written By: Eden Atad
With the exception of 'Bear Hunter':
Lyrics: Jaco Van Dormael
Translation: Harold Manning

Lyrics for 'Bear Hunter' used with very kind permission of Jaco Van Dormael and Harold Manning.

Recorded by: Raz Cooperman and Bones Garage on BPM College Studios

Mixed and Mastered by: Uzi Basson at the Clinic Studios.

Art by: Omri Batkilin

Thanks to Lior Haber and Nir Limor.



all rights reserved


Bones Garage Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Alternative Rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our first album 'Massacre/Dance' is out now!

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Vocals: Ariel Pedatzur
Drums and Vocals: Dor Harari
Guitar and Vocals: Eden Atad
Guitar: Yaniv Bin
Bass: Yoni Deutsch
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Track Name: Bear Hunter
--Lyrics from 'Mr. Nobody' used with very kind permission of Jaco Van Dormael and Harold Manning--

I often have this dream
In prehistoric times,
I can hear you screaming.
I chase the bear and you're not afraid anymore

But when I wake up, there's no bear
But you're still afraid,
And I'm not a bear hunter

I'm an executive at a plant
That manufactures photocopying machines
That just quit his job.
I don't dare to move, I don't live,
Whatever I do is a disaster.
I would love to set out to chase the bear away
And for you to not be afraid anymore.
Track Name: Birthmarks
My dad can't look me in the eyes
His figure reflects deep inside

He's stuck deep in the cotton field
I keep on smoking when I'm ill

Untuned clocks and bride-less dogs
Hypochondria, short bones
Track Name: Seasons Break
Rotting steams rise up from the floor
I loved you more
Frying smell from the sushi's bar door
I loved you more

Fuck me fast and short and above me
Then maybe smoke something
Or eat a toast or have a drink
But shut the door after you leave

And I loved you more.

A sick allergy to seasons break
I loved you more
This city is always between seasons
I loved you more

The street forgot its last night stabbed
As the junky spreads her sheets
This country is too small of a toilet bowl
To contain all its shit

And I loved you more.
Track Name: The Run
We gonna run run run run somewhere else
We gonna run run somewhere else
We used to swim swim down the sewerage well
We gonna run run somewhere else

No longer breath this power stations smoke
We gonna run run somewhere else
Till we can't see see see this crumbling state
We gonna run run somewhere else

We gonna sink sink those old ideals down
We gonna burn those sacred sites
Welcome to eat eat eat what you have cooked
Welcome to clean all your own puke

Yes we will run run run run somewhere else
We gonna run run somewhere else
We'll see the bomb explode from far away
We gonna run run somewhere else
Track Name: On the Galaxy
In the beginning of the last world war
My energy came to an end
You wanted light and you wanted it warm
But suddenly I understand

That I had a case
With the most ungrateful race
On the galaxy

Behold the gulf at the end of the cliff
The rope down below you is getting worn
You've been the heir and the capital's thief
Now I’m turning off what you have won

And now there’s no one's left
To pollute my set
To be hasty, to forget
Billion years have left.
Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
Far beyond all the woods
Where the wild plants are
They chained me to this rotten torture room
Sat me on the electric chair
While the nun prayed again
The devil visited her cold veins
And the voice in my head
Sent me to cut her sinner hands

And the birds are fine today
On their migration phase
Outside my window above my bed

Sleep paralysis, eyes are wide open
And the demon in my head ruins and messes me up
When God went down from heaven
Wearing her finest, adorned dress
Sitting right on my chest
As the steams in my wall shaping
Into four equal squares
She set me free outside my bed.
Track Name: The New Religion
Every time we met Phil
Every time he smoked some pot
Every night alone
Every young boy that he loved
Every unemployment
Every child he never had
Every time he forgets
To get out in time from bed
He looks so sad to you
For me he is that thing to be

To be outside the new religion

Every workaholic
Every broker in the bank
Every Mona-Lisa
All those cats live in a sack
Every cognac drinker
Every suit choked bastard can
Fucks his daily mistress
Cos he forgot his wife in bed
He looks so sad to me
For you he is something to be

Take a part in the new religion.
Track Name: The Horror Show
Welcome to the horror show
Glad you’re with us tonight
May I offer you a drink?
Lean back in front of the sights
And let the butchery begin

Stepping out of the fog screen unveil
The man with the fiery breath
The well suited dwarf and the bearded girl
Are shackled now to the cage
And may the butchery begin

You’re gonna sleep no more
Puddles of tears you’ve torn
You need to drain your gore
But you will face the horror show

The jester juggling skulls of the damned
A pig jumps through rings of fire
Mean candy man comes with poisoned treats
As the clown falls down from the wire
And the butchery begin

So welcome to the horror show
Are you enjoying yourself?
Thirst for blood and craving of lands
Are on our trophy shelf
But the hunger never fills.
Track Name: Losing Myself
I’m losing myself
Again and again
Keep losing myself
Again and again

The sun won’t shine
Never again
And the sky will storm
And rage all day

Cause I don’t know how to take you off my mind

I’m losing myself
Again and again
To the worms in my brain
Again and again

The car that he crashed
Too close the drain
I’ll lose to that one
Again and again.
Track Name: Equals
When the earth slowed down its circling
In trying to stop our run
It burned us up, it pushed us down
I vomit nails and ants
And I jizzed some blood

Start blowing now the clowns head off
And cut the crowds hands for
Clapping with too much passion
For applauding the abomination
For admiring the nation

Now Muhammad looks so small
And Jesus is so Christ today
Moses stutters more than ever
Buddha's getting fat
Now we can end as equals.